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I’ll be honest: blogging twice a day, five days a week was killing me. I was lucky if I managed four days at Elizabeth Barone; I hit the lotto if I managed two at Kaylene Campbell. I also kept stumbling on a pesky question with a pretty good point: What do I write about where? Meaning, did I reserve just personal stuff for EB? or should I only blog about mental health on KC?

Dude. It was exhausting.

Plus, I don’t keep my pen names a secret. There was no real reason to keep my blogs separate.

It dawned on me that I could make one blogging home for myself, while keeping the other websites as static “look at my books!” command centers.

So what can you expect here? Everything: news about both my Young Adult and New Adult books; my life with dysthymia and Enthesitis Related Arthritis; and more!

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Elizabeth Barone

Welcome to The Crazy Chronicles, the personal blog of Elizabeth Barone. I primarily write contemporary New Adult romance and suspense, but I also write YA under another pen name. This blog is named after my novel, Crazy Comes in Threes, and follows my publishing journey. I blog about everything from my latest work in progress to living with chronic pain.

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