#TeaserTuesday: Onto the Floor


“Come on, sleepyhead,” she purred into his ear. As his pants slid against the fabric of the old couch, something tumbled out of his pocket onto the floor.


Update, June 3rd: The South of Forever series is back! Shop all retailers here, or use the sexy widgets below to one-click your way to steamy musical heaven.


The South of Forever series is currently out of print, but it will be back in stores starting tomorrow!

I know this sounds kind of ridiculous. How can an ebook be out of print? Isn’t that an oxymoron? When an author is accepted by a publisher, usually the publisher legally obtains the rights to the book. It’s basically permission, to avoid copyright issues in court. If it didn’t say on paper that the publisher owns the rights, technically the author could sue them. Publishing rights protects the publisher.

When rights revert—or go back to the author—the opposite happens. Until the official reversion date, the author does not have legal permission to publish. Technically, if the book is published before rights are reverted, the publisher could sue the author. There may also be repercussions with retailers (like Amazon).

Often, when a publisher closes, authors have to wait an eternity to get their rights back. I’m talking decades or never. I’m very grateful that Booktrope has been so generous with how quickly they’ve reverted rights.

I truly have no bitter feelings toward them. Publishers close. It happens all the time. This industry is crazy tumultuous. Did it rock my world and force me to rearrange my own business five years early? Totally, but shit happens.

So, like Cinderella, I’ll wait ’til the stroke of midnight. It’s killing me that over half my catalog is currently unavailable. This gig is how I feed myself and pay my bills. But I’m super excited to get these books into Kobo and other retailers that my publisher didn’t distribute to. Better times are ahead.

You know. Lemonade and all that.

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