Becoming Natalie Gets a Makeover

One of the things I usually do in the last couple weeks of the year is update my books. This could be as simple as giving it a shiny new cover (like I did with the South of Forever series), or as complicated as rewriting it entirely (like I will with Crazy Comes in Threes [more details coming soon]). Becoming Natalie fell somewhere in between.

While re-formatting and re-reading it, I realized the ending is pretty abrupt (and there were even a couple unanswered questions). So I set aside some time and wrote a brand new epilogue that neatly wraps everything up. (If you’ve already purchased the book, you can read the epilogue for free here.)

I also gave Becoming Natalie a fresh coat of paint and a new blurb. Check it out!

Natalie might not survive a summer back home with her father.

For Natalie, the key to a successful life has been simple: escape her divorced parents, get a well-paying job in graphic design, and snag the sexy CEO. Life in the Big Apple isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, though, and Natalie quickly finds herself drowning in debt and drama—especially when a nurse calls her from a hospital back home.

Her dad’s had a heart attack and needs surgery—and Natalie is the only one who can take care of him while he recovers. But Natalie hasn’t spoken to her father since her parents’ divorce, and their relationship has been nothing short of complicated.

Coming home could give Natalie a chance for a fresh start with both her dad and her checking account, though. The plan is simple: use the summer to get back on her feet—as long as the handsome karaoke DJ she keeps running into doesn’t sweep her away completely.

Becoming Natalie is a lighthearted, humorous Chick Lit novel that will warm your heart.


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What do you think of the new cover? Have you read Becoming Natalie? Let me know in the comments below!

Cover Reveal: Just One More Minute

The day has come! I’ve been teasing the cover of Just One More Minute one piece at a time over on my Instagram and driving you all crazy with anticipation. The wait is over. Scroll down to soak in this beauty by Chelsea Barnes of CPJB Designs!

Just One More Minute, by Elizabeth Barone Just One More Minute, by Elizabeth Barone


A down-on-her-luck waitress inherits a bakery with the man who stole her dream job—and broke her heart.

Rowan left Connecticut to escape her indifferent family the second she graduated high school, but when her loving aunt dies, she drops everything to return for the funeral. All Rowan wants is to say her goodbyes and get back to her life—until her aunt’s lawyer tells her that she’s inherited Elli’s Bakery, the last straw that sent her running to New Jersey.

Even worse, her brand new business partner is Matt—the guy who stole her dream job at Elli’s and crushed her heart. Is she really supposed to just forgive him and run Elli’s by his side?

For Matt, Elli’s has been a safe haven, a way to take care of his heartsick mom and fatherless little brother. When the woman who took him in passes away, Matt has no idea what he’s going to do next. Until Rowan returns to their small town and becomes his new business partner. But after everything that went down between them, it’s clear that Rowan resents him.

Digging up the past will only be painful, and Matt needs to keep the bakery in business. Can Matt convince Rowan to stick around long enough to work things out between them?

Just One More Minute is a standalone small town bakery romance.

Only 99 cents until 11/18!

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The price goes up to $2.99 on release day (11/18), so pre-order now to save!

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Just One More Minute teaser


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Cover Reveal: Rebel Heart, by J.C. Hannigan

new-cr-bannerIt’s cover reveal time!

I think I speak for all readers when I say we have an obsession with pretty book covers. So I’m not biased at all when I say my work wife J.C. Hannigan’s cover for her next release, Rebel Heart, is fucking beautiful. CPJB Designs—who I’ve worked with too—really captured the essence of Elle and Braden’s story. It’s just perfect.

See what I mean?

Rebel Heart (The Rebel Series, Book 2), by J.C. Hannigan Rebel Heart, By J.C. Hannigan (Full Wrap)


In the four years since Elle Thompson’s first love broke her heart, she hasn’t been able to get over him and move on. Luckily, a tempting new romance begins to simmer—but then fate throws Elle and Braden back together again, and Elle is trapped between her past and her possible future.

Braden Miller regretted pushing Elle away from him the moment it happened. Blindsided by grief, he lost sight of what and who mattered and quickly hit rock bottom. Since then, he’s kept his head down and worked on becoming a man he can be proud of. But coming home to Parry Sound means seeing Elle again. As they’re constantly pushed in the same direction, Braden realizes that he has to make amends with more than just his family.

Elle’s yearning for both men in her life intensifies. Wavering between loyalty to one and memories of a long-ago flame with another, she struggles with her feelings. But fear of having her heart broken again keeps her from diving in either direction with both feet. Too bad it’s not only her heart on the line…


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Every time I see this cover, I swoon. Plus, Hannigan’s prose is just as beautiful. She always writes such raw, heart-gripping stories filled with emotion, but this one really got me.

If that blurb didn’t get you, you obviously need to look at these teasers!

rebel-heart-teaser-1 rebel-heart-teaser-2 rebel-heart-teaser-3

You guys. Braden is officially my all-time favorite book boyfriend. 😍


Rebel Soul (Rebel Series, Book 1), by J.C. Hannigan

Book 1: Rebel Soul
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I’ve raved about Rebel Heart before, in my summer NA reads recap, by the way. So if you haven’t checked it out yet… What the hell are you waiting for? 🙃


J.C. HanniganJ.C. Hannigan lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, their two sons, and their dog. She writes contemporary new adult romance and suspense. Her novels focus on relationships, mental health, social issues, and other life challenges.


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Congratulations to my dear friend and work wife on another beautiful book! I wish you much success and happiness. You deserve it! XOXO

*Offer good until release day (November 3rd).

Cover Reveal: What Happens On Tour

Untitled design

Drum roll, please—it’s time for the official What Happens On Tour cover reveal! You may have seen my puzzle over on my Instagram profile, but there’s nothing like seeing this baby in HD. Designer Starla Huchton needs some serious applause.

Are you ready? I’m tingling, I’m so excited.




What Happens On Tour (South of Forever, Book 3), by Elizabeth Barone

South of Forever’s first tour is about to begin, and so is Poppy’s career—if she can keep all her lies straight.

Poppy Hampton may be rock band South of Forever’s new manager, and she may have successfully launched her brother’s music career, but she sort of lied about her credentials. She also may have aged herself up a bit in her resume. It’s no big deal.

All she has to do is make sure they don’t find out.

Until the band’s sexy drummer—and the guy of her dreams—Griff tells her that it’s finally happened: South of Forever has been invited to go on tour with the fast rising rock band, King Riley. She’d be thrilled if such an exciting opportunity didn’t mean choosing between her career and her education—or if dating Griff didn’t mean lying to him about the ten-year age difference between them. Can Poppy launch her career without destroying it before it’s even started? And if she risks everything to follow her heart and be with Griff, can she keep her secret safe?

What Happens On Tour is the third book in the South of Forever series, a steamy contemporary New Adult romance that follows a fledgling rock band on its way to the top.

Available August 19th.


Pre-order now for only $0.99!

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What Happens On Tour (South of Forever, Book 3), by Elizabeth Barone

Catch up on the South of Forever series:

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Cover Reveal: Diving Into Him / Savannah’s Song

I’m so excited to be able to share these covers with you! Along with its re-release, Diving Into Him got a little makeover. While I will always love the kick-ass cover of the self-published edition, I really adore how simple and clean this incarnation is.

Diving Into Him (South of Forever, Book 1), by Elizabeth Barone

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I’m not sure if I ever shared the cover for the never released self-published edition of Savannah’s Song, but it was equally kick-ass. I was so nervous when these babies were undergoing their makeovers, but again, Michelle Fairbanks of Fresh Design struck all the right chords.

Savannah's Song (South of Forever, Book 2), by Elizabeth Barone

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These covers are just beautiful, and I can’t wait ’til these books are out in the world! Only one month to go. 😉

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Cover Reveal: The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos

Today’s the day! I’ve been dying to share this cover. It so perfectly captures the essence of Max and Savannah’s story. Yosbe nailed it! Without further ado, here it is.

The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos, by Elizabeth Barone

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So what do you think? Are you excited for The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos? Do you like this cover? Leave a comment with your thoughts!