Savannah’s Song: Delayed

Savannah's Song (South of Forever, Book 2), by Elizabeth BaroneSome of you may have just received an email from Amazon, Kobo, or Apple letting you know that Savannah’s Song is no longer available for pre-order. I promise, the book is still being released. I had to cancel the pre-order because I am no longer self-publishing it; Savannah’s Song will be released by Booktrope sometime next year.

This is huge for me, but it also means a bit of a delay in the South of Forever series. For the next few months, my publishing house will be re-releasing all of my work.

This was not an easy decision. It’s a huge opportunity for me. It means I can focus more on writing. But it also means that it will be a little while before my next new release.

Bear with me. I’m in a bit of a transitional period. 😘

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