20-Something Questions: Your First Car (Featuring @ecruzcoleman and @benedictpaddy!)

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This week’s topic:

Your First Car

What was your first car? Was it a beater or a sleek work of art? Did you have to save up for it or was someone kind enough to help you get it? Where is it now?

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via Unsplash

Elizabeth BaroneMy first car was an ’88 Mazda 626. It was as old as I was, and it was a freakin’ tank. The first time I ever drove it, someone rear-ended me hard, but the only mark was a little dent in the bumper. I bought it from my friend who was going away to boot camp and needed to get rid of it. He only charged me $500. It ran well, but wouldn’t go into park and had all kinds of weird electrical issues. I had to park it by putting it into neutral and setting the e-brake. Every night, I had to disconnect the battery so that I wouldn’t wake up to a dead car.

It got me back and forth to classes at the community college I was enrolled in, though. I had it for a few years before I had to upgrade. I sold it to a guy in my neighborhood who I think was using it for spare parts. That thing was such a lemon but I loved it.

Elizabeth Barone

Eileen Cruz ColemanMy first car was a 1984 Honda Accord and it was most certainly not a sleek work of art! I had to wiggle some cables in the engine before it would start. It was craziness! Oh, and the trunk wouldn’t lock so I used rope to keep it from flying open when I was driving and one time it flew open and I freaked out, nearly had a heart attack. The poor thing finally stopped running and I can’t remember what happened to it. After it died I didn’t have a car for a while and I had to take the bus and Metro everywhere I went.

Eileen Cruz Coleman

Benedict PatrickI am not a car person. Never have been. I started to learn as a teenager, but after an incident involving my wing mirror and someone else’s wing mirror, I decided that driving was not for me.

This all changed in my late twenties, when my wife announced she was expecting our first child. I had to learn how to drive—who else was going to get her to the hospital when the time came? I swallowed my fears, strapped myself into my wife’s inconspicious yellow Vauxhalt Corsa, and dragged myself through the process of learning to drive as an adult.

I passed my driving test one month before my daughter was born.

My father-in-law drove us to the hospital.

Benedict Patrick

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